Whipped Ass and Pussy

Whips are often used in BDSM as punishment or for sadists. Erotic whipping has been around for a long time – since medieval times, in fact – and is used to put the slave into subspace, making the sensations balance between pleasure and pain

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This black badgirl is about to get her punishment for being very, very naughty. She bends over and presents her . She isn’t shy about it at all..in fact getting her black ass whipped makes her rather soaked in the panties. She can’t contain her excitement as her skirt gets flipped up and her panties get pulled down.

The first smack makes her booty ripple like it’s black jello. She starts to moan and beg for another ass whipping. She just can’t contain herself, wanting to get spanked harder and harder, her pussy dripping wet as she gets hit to the point where pain and pleasure were mixing together.

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