Whipped Ass and Pussy

Whips are often used in BDSM as punishment or for sadists. Erotic whipping has been around for a long time – since medieval times, in fact – and is used to put the slave into subspace, making the sensations balance between pleasure and pain


pigtail babe smacked ass

I can see from here that this needs to have her naughty ass whipped soundly. There’s no way she has that petulant look on her face without doing something very, very bad that she needs to be punished for. For her part, she’s rather eager to face both the switch and the flogger, bending over and flipping up her short skirt.

The spanking and whipping was not gentle. First the belt whipped her ass, making it jiggle at every smack. She grabs hold of her ankles and tries not to cry out at the pain. Then the switch comes out, and she yelps every time it hits her tender whipped ass.

red ass whipped ass

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