Whipped Ass and Pussy

Whips are often used in BDSM as punishment or for sadists. Erotic whipping has been around for a long time – since medieval times, in fact – and is used to put the slave into subspace, making the sensations balance between pleasure and pain

Whipped Ass and Strap on Fucking

Oct-23-2007 By admin


bdsm ass worship beautiful ass

Now this is a rather tasty ass whipping scene. The stalks around in her knee high boots, staring down at her prey captured in ropes. She makes her slave worship and lick her ass, sticking it right into her face. That’s not all that’s in store for her pretty playtoy, as she reties the ropes on top of a box to get access to that beautiful ass.

An ass that’s about to be red from getting smacked, although she does alternate plunging in her strap on dildo and smacking and grabbing at her ass while she does it. This BDSM ass whipping scene is way too hot to handle, and you can .

strap on sex and whipping

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It was a quiet night at the bar – there weren’t many people inside, just this brunette babe dressed up in a . She sipped at her drink and watched the bartender, a stunning piece of blond ass in a barely there black outfit and thigh high boots come up to her. There was no mistaking what she wanted as she gazed at the brunette – it was time to give this bad girl the spanking of her life.

She bent over obediently, wiggling her cute ass out from under her skirt. She was more than eager to start with the ass whipping, and she would stop at nothing to feel the slap of the bartender’s hand against her ass. She wasn’t expecting the flogger, though, and she squealed with delight when it cracked her cheeks until they were red.

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Medical Fetish and Ass Whipping

Oct-8-2007 By admin


medical fetish spanking

I had thought I had seen everything when it comes to , but I found out that I was very, very wrong. This brunette slave finds herself bound in a straight jacket and at the hands of two very kinky nurses. They pulled out things that I’ve never even seen before, using all sorts of medical instruments on this tortured slave girl.

She gets bent over on the examination table, and they start in on her ass. They smack it hard with their hands, listening to her whimper and moan at every strike. The medical fetish fucking went on for hours and drove her completely wild. You can .

probed and tortured straight jacket sex

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Schoolgirl Whipped Ass

Oct-1-2007 By admin


whipped schoolgirl schoolgirl spanking

This naughty schoolgirl spanking fantasy takes place during a piano lesson. She gets bent over the piano bench and whipped with a thin stick. It makes a sharp swish in the air as it makes contact with her .

That thin stick isn’t all she gets whipped with, though, as her master gets a bundle of sticks to make a traditional wooden switch to whip her with. Want to see the full set of this punished schoolgirl and her rosy red ass?
Then !

whipped with switch red schoolgirl ass

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Lesbian Ass Whipping Action

Sep-25-2007 By admin


ass ruler tight pussy

These two majorly hot babes have a very kinky secret. They are master and slave, giving in to their temptations to do all sorts of wild activities, from femdom to spanking.

Today, their vice of choice is ruler spanking. The blond gets her ass spanked thoroughly by her dark haired mistress, her juicy ass getting more red with every slap of the ruler. See the full set over at .

rosy ass

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pussy fingering schoolgirl ass

A lot of people that are into spanking are really turned on by schoolgirl roleplaying. They love putting on the plaid skirt, the knee high socks, the mary janes, and the tight button down blouses. Then, of course, they ‘just happen’ to misbehave, ending up bent over whatever is convenient and whipped thoroughly.

This is some of the best ass whipping they have ever experienced, with the chick’s panties keeping her legs bound tight together. You can see the full schoolgirl spanking set at .

lesbian facesitting

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Bondage and Ass Whipping

Sep-25-2007 By admin


asian ass

Spanking and bondage go together perfectly, and I’m glad to see them both represented in this hot ass whipping gallery. This tight ass Asian not only gets spanked, she also gets trampled under combat boots.

Her mouth gets a cloth gag, and she can’t move her arms or legs at all  as they are tightly tied with thick rope. All she can do is submit to her femdom mistress and try not to scream with the pleasure and pain of it all. See the full ass whipping and bondage video at .

ass trampling ass whipping

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Hard Schoolgirl Spanked Ass

Sep-18-2007 By admin


red ass schoolgirl ass

How many of you have fantasies about being the stern teacher and spanking the naughty schoolgirl? This set from shows off the object of your fantasy – a naughty schoolgirl bent over and getting her ass spanked by a wooden switch.

She flips her pleated skirt up over her ass, waiting for the switch to land. Smack, smack, smack – the switch slaps into her ass and leaves it beat red. This hard ass spanking is just one of the many ass whipping sets at .

naughty punished girl wooden switch spanking

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Brutal Bad Girl Punishment

Sep-18-2007 By admin


hot whipping switch whipping

Now this tattooed girl has been very, very bad. So bad, in fact, that she gets her ass whipped in every room of the house. Now I don’t know exactly what she did, but that’s a very harsh punishment.

She gets a good old fashioned switch to her butt – he smacks one cheek hard before moving to whip the other ass cheek. She offers up her ass in every room, and it gets whipped equally hard before her master decides that she has been punished enough. .

hard whipping harsh whipping

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 blond dom sexy blond ass whipping

This blond badgirl knows what you want – she knows that you want to , that you want that slim whip of hers slapping against your ass. Or were you thinking more about making that pale white ass of hers beat red? I think she might be game for that, if you ask the right way.

This dangerous dominatrix just loves the pleasure and the pain in ass whipping. It turns her on so much that she’ll want you to plunge right into her after .

smiling blond amateur dom beat that ass red

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