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Whips are often used in BDSM as punishment or for sadists. Erotic whipping has been around for a long time – since medieval times, in fact – and is used to put the slave into subspace, making the sensations balance between pleasure and pain

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Alexa Von Tess

Sep-11-2008 By admin

Alexa Von Tess returns to Whippedass for more punishment and with Aiden Starr. She is fisted for the first time while tied tight in rope bondage. She is also made to lick pussy and ass and to fuck with a dildo gag while bound in leather rope. This is a with good chemistry!

Jandi Lin

Apr-21-2008 By admin

Jandi LinJandi LinJandi Lin

is a sexy Asian girl who needs a strong dominant person to satisfy her sexually. She gets off on hard bondage and different types of impact play with rough sex. Aiden Starr uses a variety of tools to inflict on this helplessly bound beauty.

Blond with Whipped Ass and Orgasm

Jan-28-2008 By admin

This leather wearing dominatrix happens to love . She doesn’t just love it, she lives for it. She pulls her slave up into a harsh bondage set up. Her sweet tits bounce up and down with every whip of her ass. The stiff cat of nine tails gets used over and over again on her sweet butt, and she isn’t nearly done with her slave yet.

blond ass whipped

She pulls her up with suspension bondage, working a vibrator against her pussy, getting her to orgasm over and over again. Finally she pulls out her crop and just slaps the shit out of her ass and pussy while she holds the vibe there. This is a hot ass whipping femdom scene that you can see over at

extreme insertion forced orgasm ass whip

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black chick threatened by whip black booty ass whipped

Thick asses are some of the best for spanking. This black milf amateur bends over to get her by this vicious looking cat o nine tails. I don’t know what she did to get her Master so pissed off over her, but he certainly looks like he means business and he just goes all out in whipping that ebony ass.

more black ass whips

She’s screaming, moaning, and whimpering through the entire treatment. Her ass gets laced with bright red streaks, and she knows she’s never going to be a naughty girl again. The punishment wasn’t just painful though – her panties were completely soaked through with dripping wet juices that is driving her to distraction. !

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Latex spanked ass

There is something about skin tight latex that makes you want to automatically bring out the whips, chains, and paddles for some . This sweet brunette amateur has a very kinky side to her, so she puts on her fetish wear and offers up her ass for some brutal whipping. She literally pulls up that latex skirt and lets this guy whip her until her ass is tender and red.

She loves the mixture of pleasure and pain. You will never find her pussy to be wetter than what it is right now. She looks up at her tormentor at the end, a smoking hot look in her eyes that says come fuck me right now. I hope this guy took the advice of her eyes.

Whipped ass latex Tortured fetish babe

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harshasswhipping waxedass

This blond submissive gets rough housed by this black haired dominatrix and tied up. Her hands get pulled behind her head, her legs are tied tight together, and she gets flipped upside down after getting her roughly. It’s a nice rosy red color when the domme pulls up her legs with suspension bondage and drips wax all over her sensitive ass.

If that wasn’t enough, this sub is about to get her pussy fucked hard by her mistress’s strapon. She moans and pushes against the Hitachi before getting her soaking wet pussy slammed by the strap on. This might look a bit rough but this submissive fetish blond absolutely loves every second of it.


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femdomasswhipping femdombondage

I have this thing for brunettes, at least in fetish ass whipping films. They just seem so much sexier than their blond counterparts, especially when the butts come out and the smacking starts. Today we have a rather calculating brunette mistress putting her new slave through the paces. First she gets tied up tight, her ass getting . She whimpers through the pain while her pussy juices start to drip. Her mistress gets worked up too and requires her pussy to get cleaned with her tongue before moving on to her ass.

Then it’s back to the ass whipping, going harder and faster until both cheeks are cherry red. She might not be able to sit right for a week, but at least they are both fully satisfied.


saucyupskirt assgettingred

No matter what, the fantasy of a punished schoolgirl is really hard to get out of whipped ass fan’s heads. Of course, who would want to take away the sight of a tight brunette getting the with a bare hand? Her plaid miniskirt gets raised up as she gets bent over a stool, exposing her cute apple ass to some spanking abuse.

This saucy amateur makes all sorts of hot noises, eventually looking around when the spanking stops as if to say, more, more! By that point though, her ass was completely beat red. She wouldn’t be sitting too pretty the next few days! If you want to see every moment of this schoolgirl spanking, .

schoolgirlwhippedass moresuperredspankedass

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whippedass whippedtits

Ass whipping can be pretty brutal on its own, but when you combine a sweet blond’s ass whipped with a flogger, plus tying her up and suspending her upside down while dripping wax onto her , it gets super extreme! She gets thoroughly trussed and used, her body only for her mistress’s pleasure.

I’m not sure if I’d let that fetish loving dominatrix near my naked ass, but this chick was into it a lot, pushing out her sweet apple ass to get whipped, slapped, and beaten during the entire scene. If you want to see the full thing, you can

waxedass footworship

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pigtail babe smacked ass

I can see from here that this needs to have her naughty ass whipped soundly. There’s no way she has that petulant look on her face without doing something very, very bad that she needs to be punished for. For her part, she’s rather eager to face both the switch and the flogger, bending over and flipping up her short skirt.

The spanking and whipping was not gentle. First the belt whipped her ass, making it jiggle at every smack. She grabs hold of her ankles and tries not to cry out at the pain. Then the switch comes out, and she yelps every time it hits her tender whipped ass.

red ass whipped ass

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