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Whips are often used in BDSM as punishment or for sadists. Erotic whipping has been around for a long time – since medieval times, in fact – and is used to put the slave into subspace, making the sensations balance between pleasure and pain

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Lesbian torture of a slave girl

Nov-4-2008 By admin

Whipped ass is a good torture for a submissive girl, but it’s always nice to make this slave girl lick ass or swallow your cum. These girls found their way to humiliate their submissive girl, pumping her in every sweet hole and whipping her over and over again! This lesbian torture is un-fuckling-believable cruel, and in the end the girl is totally fucked up and more dead than alive! You can watch the preview video here for free of charge and then get the full shocking video!

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Female threesome whipped ass

Oct-27-2008 By admin

Hey! This video is a long-expected gift for every whipped ass lover, and hell you will be sure to love it! Two really cruel chicks do their best in humiliating one submissive girl, who’s tied up and humiliated like a worthless slave. She gets her ass spanked while being drilled in both tight holes and mouth. Aww, those strap-ons seem to be too giant, and the girl can do nothing but crying out and begging to stop the torture! Let the action begin…

?fter all un-fucking-believable tortures, she’s pissing in the garbage pail!

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Bun Beating Fun

Sep-12-2007 By admin

These girls are bad…wicked, even. Their wanton ways will not go unpunished any longer, however. All of these girls end up with whipped ass and whipped pussy as punishment for every naughty thought and action. These whipped slave girls are still saucy after we get done with them, but their whipped asses are certainly much more red than when they came in for their punishment. See all of the whipped ass in our Member’s Area.

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Bad Girls Punished

Sep-5-2007 By admin

The best color for a whipped ass is beat red, and Bad Girls Punished has that in droves. These high quality whipped women videos see these misbehaving babes getting bent over and their asses whipped. Don’t forget the pussy either – there’s plenty of whipped pussy action to go around too. These whipped slave girls knew what they were in for, and they moan and squirm at every stroke. See it all in the member’s area!

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